About Us

Learn a Little About Us — and open source

"BIOSLEVEL" was founded in January 2006 by a group of individuals who'd met at various LAN parties held throughout western Pennsylvania. The members of this group decided to construct a group to hold smaller, tight-knit LAN parties—they didn't want it to become yet another LAN party. Instead, they decided to use their collective knowledge of Linux and gaming to build, in addition to the LAN party, an advocate community based on the principles of open source and free thought.

With the decline in attendance at small LAN parties, as well as the founding members' ever-decreasing amount of free time, BIOSLEVEL.com was born — a community that delivers reviews, articles, and news geared to the free and open source community.

BIOSLEVEL.com's knowledge is backed by collegiate and professional computer scientists, system administrators, and active developers — all of whom have studied the inner workings of the operating system. Many of the writers have contributed to open source projects or maintain their own. All are capable and willing to answer questions.

Like other communities, we have our own perspective of Linux and the open source software movement. We may not always agree with each other, but we are always sure to investigate and explain our reasoning before adhering to a principle or recommending an application.