D-Link DNS-323 NAS Enclosure

Posted on February 29, 2008
Author: Sean Potter
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D-Link is one of the first companies that comes in to my head when networking is brought up in conversation. The company has a strong line of consumer products, but also have several products focused on businesses. BIOS LEVEL recently received one of its latest networking products, the DNS-323 Network Attached Storage (NAS) enclosure.

The DNS-323 is suitable for home or small office use, and shares files via Microsoft's Samba protocol, or FTP. This makes it an excellent choice for a network with several different operating systems on it. Adding to the foray, the DNS-323 supports two SATA drives in individual or RAID operation, and connects via gigabit ethernet to a network for faster speeds.


I was surprised at how large the box for the DNS-323 was as compared to other storage enclosures. The front had a large picture of the enclosure itself, as well a quick list of all the immediate features I want to see from this device. The rear of the box, however, displayed a quick-install diagram, showing how to insert and remove drives from the enclosure. Looks pretty easy to me.

Opening the box, I found that everything was packaged between two egg crates. This seems like much higher quality packaging than some of your typical cheap-cardboard holders. The enclosure was the first thing in the box, wrapped up in plastic.

Under the enclosure were the other necessities: directions, warning labels, an ethernet cable, and the power supply.

With everything unpackaged, let's take a look at the enclosure itself.

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