Silverstone ML-02 MoDT Multimedia Case

Posted on February 5, 2008
Author: Sean Potter
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Silverstone has only been in the PC case business for about 4 years, but they've released some very high-quality innovative cases in that short span of time. In those last four years, one of the smaller trends we've seen is the use of mobile CPUs being used in desktop machines. Today, we're looking at Silverstone's Mobile on DeskTop (MoDT) ML-02 small form factor case.


The cardboard box is much like any other cardboard box. Of course, all the sides are covered in pictures and features of the case. The box itself is actually much smaller than other cases we've looked at before, and that's because of the size of the ML-02. The ML-02 measures in at 397 mm (W) x 82 mm (H) x 375 mm (D). The case is only considered 82mm high because of the decorative "legs" of the case. The case itself is about the same height as a 1U case.

Also included in the packaging are two smaller white boxes, one containing the case's external power supply, and the other containing our screws and other essential hardware, as well as the ever-familiar iMON Pad remote control.

When opening up, I found something unique: the foam packaging. Silverstone uses a more mashable foam to package their cases, rather than the harder mold-shaped foam packaging many other companies use. This is the first case I've ever unpacked from Silverstone, so I could be wrong about the practice. Using the style of foam means the box is a little more compressible.

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