GMC C-50 Slim ATX Case

Posted on December 18, 2007
Author: Sean Potter
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The GMC C-50 Case is a slim ATX case. By slim, we mean that the case is thinner than an optical drive is wide (5.25 inches). The CD-ROM bay is positioned vertically, so when the case is layed on it's side it qualifies as a desktop. Thankfully, even with the smaller dimensions, this case still fits a full size ATX powersupply and ATX Motherboard. Read on to get the details of this case that you can't yet get in the United States!

Specifications, Features, and Packaging

From the get-go, the C-50 has an impressive form factor for what it manages to pack inside.
  • Dimension ( W x D x H ) Chassis 140 X 435 X 360mm
  • Black or White in Color (we got black)
  • 4 USB Ports, Audio-Out, Mic-In
  • ATX Form Factor
  • 1 5.25", 1 3.5" External, 2 3.5" Internal
  • 7 Expansion Slots
  • Fits ATX, Micro ATX, Full ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards
  • Net Weight: 3.95Kg, Gross Weight: 4.65Kg
  • Reflective Finish
  • Rear 80mm Fan
  • CPU Air Duct
Cheers to GMC for their quick shipping from Korea! The case was packed in a full-color package measuring 192 X 540 X 412mm, which isn't much bigger than the case itself. As normal for cases, it was secured by two pieces of styrofoam on either side, and GMC kept the case itself wrapped in plastic to avoid dust. After removing the plastic, we found ourselves staring at a very attractive case.

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