Icy Dock Screwless 3.5" Enclosure and "The Hybrid"

Posted on July 3, 2008
Author: Sean Potter
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It's become so easy to add new hard drives to many of today's cases with innovations such as drive rails or locking parts, that we never think of having to install a hard drive with screws. However, most external enclosures still need screwdrivers and screws to install a drive, and this can become a pain from time to time.

Additionally, how hard is it to find a free outlet on a power strip to power an external drive? eSATA and USB don't provide enough power for larger 3.5" drives. If only there was an easier solution.

Two of Icy Dock's latest innovations aim to fix these two problems. First, the MB664US-1SB provides a tool-free method of installing a hard drive in an enclosure, and is packed with both eSATA and USB ports. Second, "The Hybrid" adds both an eSATA and a 12 volt power connection to a PCI slot. Easy external storage, here I come.

Packaging & Appearance

The MB664US-1SB, henceforth known as "the enclosure", ships in a plastic case. One side prominently displays the enclosure, while the other goes over some key features.

Also packed with the drive are a SATA to eSATA PCI Slot adapter, eSATA cable, USB cable, and a 12 volt transformer. I'm only planning to need the eSATA cable.

The enclosure is all black, with "Icy Dock" very clearly labeled in the middle of the unit on either side. At the bottom are legs that fold out so the unit can sit upright.

The front of the unit has three small vents, as well as a white power LED, and a locking button to hold the hard drive in place and prevent unwanted ejections. The rear, on the other hand, has all the important stuff: power switch, USB and eSATA ports, power, and a lock.

"The Hybrid" is also shipped in a clear plastic box, and the box displays how the unit is used. In essence, "The Hybrid" takes up a PCI Slot, and has a SATA cable that connects to an available SATA port and a 12 volt molex connector that connects to a system's power supply.

"The Hybrid" ships with a power cable that runs from the PCI slot to the hard drive.

Features & Specifications

Obviously the enclosure has a much more lengthy feature list than "The Hybrid", since "The Hybrid" is merely an adapter that bridges two connections. Let's look at the enclosure a little more in-depth.

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