nMedia HTPC 1000-Series Case

Posted on March 27, 2009
Author: Sean Potter
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Tags: HTPC

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The case looks beautiful. I wish BIOSLEVEL had received an LCD module with this case for additional testing, but the case is great as it is. The exterior looks great with stereo equipment, and installation was mostly a snap. The interior is loaded up with silencing technologies such as quiet fans and grommets for the the various drives. The case definitely helps keep the machine inside running quiet.

I can't think of many ways on how to improve this case, as it fits what it's meant to do and looks beautiful doing it. I'm not a total fan or the door that hides all the front connections. I think at the very least it should be partitioned so you only lower parts you're currently using. Beyond that, the case has made a fantastic addition to my media center.

nMedia specializes in a lot of HTPC equipment, and the 1000-series HTPC is a perfect case to build a HTPC in using many of their products.


  • Plenty of expansion slots
  • Great pricing point
  • Lots of space
  • Plentiful front connections
  • Optional LCD module


  • Limited drive space
  • Optional LCD module
  • Non-standard size rear cooling



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