NorthQ NQ-3709BL/NQ-3710RL Silent Tornado Fans

Posted on October 30, 2008
Author: Sean Potter
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Case fans are one of the most vital components of a computer, but they have also seen the least amount of creativity and change in the last decade. During the height of PC modding, several companies began introducing clear, colored, and/or light-up fans to add more flair to case fans. These enhancements didn't change the fans' performance, however.

NorthQ, who's BlacKMagic 850W PSU we previously looked at, has taken the game to a new level. They have a series of case fans built from aluminum frames. The Silent Tornado fans, as they're called, promise extreme performance with a good bit of silence.

Packaging and Appearance

NorthQ sent us the NQ-3709BL and NQ-3710RL, which are 80mm and 92mm respectively. The units are shipped in plastic cases, prominently displaying the fans themselves.

The packages had to be cut open, as they were sealed around the edges. Inside was the fan and an adapter for switching the power source between a 4-pin molex and 3-pin fan connection.

Both fans were black in color, mostly likely anodized or possibly even painted. The aluminum frame does have a brushed texture, however.

The fan support is also aluminum, but wasn't cut with the rest of the frame. It was, rather, added in. The fan itself is a translucent red, which lights up when powered on.

Let's look at the specifications of the fans before I move along to installing the fan.

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