Palit GeForce 9600 GSO Sonic

Posted on July 9, 2008
Author: Sean Potter
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Chances are that most of our readers have never heard of Palit, therefor believing it to be a new company. Contrary to that thought, Palit is the second largest graphics manufacturer in the world. Palit controls about 40% of the market in Europe, and 60% in China, having only recently come to the United States. Palit has built its reputation by building relationships with its customers and manufacturing superior products by improving references designs from both AMD and nVidia.

Palit recently sent us the GeForce 9600GSO Sonic, which is an enhanced GeForce 9600GSO. Palit has added its own cooler, as well as factory overclocked the unit, and improved upon the power phases. The 9600 GSO is nVidia's latest foray in the mid-level 9000 series of GeForce cards, and is also the cheapest for a performance card. Despite the price point, the 9600 GSO should be a fair competitor to both the GeForce 9600 GT and Radeon HD3650.

Packaging and Contents

The Palit 9600 GSO Sonic shipped in a green box, stylized with Palit's robotic frog avatar on the front of the package, as well as the logos for Palit, nVidia, and the GeForce series. Stamped on the front is also the information regarding the 9600 GSO Sonic, such as that I'm looking at the model with 768MB of RAM.

The rear of the box lists the unit's specifications in various languages, as well as a few additional certifications near the bottom.

Inside, I found the card itself held by a cardboard holder, and wrapped in bubble wrap. Many of manufacturers use anti-static wrap to protect their products, but I think the bubble wrap adds an extra something to the protection.

Under the card were various accessories: HDMI dongle, S-Video and component adapters, power connector, and a VGA dongle. Also included is a small brochure and driver CD.

Let's look at the card before installing it in our test system.

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