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Posted on August 18, 2007
Author: Sean Potter
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When it comes to mousepads, most gamer's will tell you the best is Ratpadz. Ratpadz has been dedicated to making gaming mousepads since 1999, and was one of the innovators for the mousepad surface industry. Now, Ratpadz original mousepad has been re-released as the Ratpadz XT. We're going to be looking at how the Ratpadz XT performs in everyday computing, gaming, and it's durability. Ratpadz is owned by KB Accessories, Inc., which Kyle Bennet of [H]ard|OCP founded. If that isn't proof that these mousepads are aimed at enthusiasts and gamers, I don't know what is.
First, let's look at the features and specifications:
  • Rolled edges ensure wrist and arm comfort.
  • Tough polymers withstand all sorts of gaming abuses.
  • Cut-out design allows users to turn the surface sideways utilizing it on both sides of keyboard.
  • 11.5” wide x 9.3” tall
This was my first time using a Ratpadz, and I was a little doubtful on how well it would perform at first. The top surface texture looks rough, and from experience of running optical mice on beat-up tables, I wasn't sure if my mice would cope with it. As I would later find out, much to my surprise, I was quite wrong.


Placing it on my desk, I found it to be securely anchored. On the underside, you'll find nine points of solid rubber contacts. In the past, the most that any mousepad I've owned had was only 4 or 5, if any at all. The nine separate points give the Ratpadz and incredible sense of security and support while using a mouse on it.
You'll notice the MADE IN U.S.A on the back. Kyle Bennet feels strong about making note about this fact, and I feel the same. You don't get products of this quality from China or other countries. There's nothing like something made here in the U.S.

Regular Usage

As soon as I placed the mouse on top and started using it, I noticed an immediate difference from my previous mousepad, the QcK+ Steel. There was barely any resistance while using my Logitech G5 lasermouse. As one point, I felt what I thought to be a sticky spot, but realized that the mousecord was stuck under my monitor. Using the mousepad on Windows and Linux felt much better than any other mousepad I've ever used. Dragging and Dropping files were more accurate when moving in a folder filled with icons. There were no accidental drops, where I'd drop the file in the wrong folder because my mouse skipped a spot. If you're wondering about the curved surface at the bottom of the mousepad, wonder no more. It's a great spot to put a gel wrist pad, or turn the the mousepad right against your keyboard if you're cramped for space. If you've seen my desk, you know I'm not cramped for space. Plus, I've got two mice sitting on it.

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