Saitek Obsidian Wireless Mouse

Posted on December 29, 2007
Author: Sean Potter
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Saitek was founded in 1979, and entered the PC gaming controller market in 1993. All these products are designed by gamers for gamers, to help them get the best out of their favourite PC games. Today we'll be looking at their Obsidian Wireless Mouse, which they claim is the ultimate rechargeable wireless mouse. The Obsidian has two separate rechargable batteries, and features a touch-sensitive scrolling mechanism.

Specifications, Features, and Packaging

Saitek sent the Obsidian to us just because it shares my online handle. Beyond that, we didn't really share much else in common, as it's a mouse and I'm not. The Obsidian does, however, officially support USB 2.0 and Windows XP, XP64, and Vista. Unofficially, we found it to work just as well in Linux.

Let's look at what features makes the Obsidian so great.
  • Superb design, complements any home/office environment
  • 4-mode, touch-sensitive scroll function
  • Recharge cradle with wireless transmitter storage and spare battery recharge
  • 5 buttons
  • 1000 dpi resolution minimum
  • Interference-free 2.4GHz wireless technology
  • Smooth glide action
  • 24/7 recharge solution using 2 x Li-ion battery packs
  • Plug and play; ease of use and set-up
The Obsidian uses an LED sensor rather than a Laser to track movement, but at 1000dpi, this doesn't make a huge difference in performance. The limiting factor in an wireless device is always the delay that occurs between receiving and decoding the wireless signals sent by the mouse. For the average user, this delay shouldn't even be noticable. But for a performance user, such as gamer or photoshop user, this delay may become painfully obvious. Will it be so with the Obsidian?

Saitek also claims that with the two Lithium-Ion batteries, you'll be able to use the mouse 24/7. We want to examine whether this is the case or not. The big factors here will be how long the batteries last, and how long it takes to recharge. Saitek claims the batteries last up to 10 hours and recharge in only 2. Let's find out how true this is!

Other factor's we'll definitely want to look at are the touch scroll, wireless range, and the plug-and-play compatibility.

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