Sapphire Radeon HD4650 Videocard

Posted on November 9, 2008
Author: Sean Potter
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AMD recently unleashed the new mid-range videocards of the HD4xx0 series of the Radeon family of video cards. Unlike nVidia, who started their GeForce 9x000 series at the mid-range level, AMD is following the success of the higher-end Hd48x0 cards with several mainstream cards, including the Radeon HD4650 and HD4550.

The folks at Sapphire were recently kind enough to send us an overclocked sample of one of these mid-range cards, the Radeon HD4650. Sapphire's overclocked Radeon HD4650 features 512MB of GDDR3, 320 Stream processors, and a 700MHz memory clock. will look at how this card fairs against its older brothers, as well as nVidia's mainstream offerings from the 9x00 family of GeForce cards.

Packaging and Appearance

The Radeon HD4650 shipped to us in a box roughly half the size of that of their high-end cards we've seen in the past. The card's title is printed nice and large, and a cute female with a rather large sword takes up the rest of the box's front side. Along with this are the various certifications, as well as Sapphire's improvements such as overclocked speeds and 512MB of GDDR3.

The back of the box lists several more features and awards, as well as the fact that the cards plays nicely with Vista.

Inside, I found the card packed in nice and securely in a cardboard box. Also inside were a driver CD, component cable, HDMI dongle, and a VGA dongle.

The card itself came wrapped up in the typical anti-static wrap.

For a mid-range card, I can't help but call the card sexy. The first thing that stuck out to me was the heatsink and fan, as this isn't something I'm used to seeing on anything but high-end cards. Alas, even today's mid-range GPUs require active cooling.

The card also neglects any VGA ports and instead features two DVI ports. I'd actually like to see some DisplayPort cards begin to be featured on today's graphics cards.

The back of the card doesn't necessarily reveal anything special.

The Radeon HD4650 is also roughly three inches shorter than its older brother, the Radeon HD4850.

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