Seventeam ST-850P-AF 850W PSU

Posted on September 11, 2008
Author: Sean Potter
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Most of today's high-end videocards follow a similar trend: more speed means more power needed. Of course, this is also true for numerous other components as well, but videocards being the most greedy. This trend leads end users to needing more powerful power supplies, particularly when utilizing SLI or CrossFire in a system.

Seventeam recently sent the recently released ST-850P-AF 850 watt powersupply. Seventeam has been in the switch powersupply industry since 1986, so the company has the experience required to build a reliable powersupply. However, Seventeam's products aren't the easiest to find in the United States.

Much like NorthQ's Black Magic powersupply I previously looked at, the ST-850P-AF also features a 135mm cooling fan. The biggest different between these two units aside from individual components is that the ST-850P-AF does not feature modular connectivity. Will the stability of the ST-850P-AF prove that the unit should be carried in more U.S. retailers such as NewEgg? Or will the powersupply not quite live up to my expectations?

Packaging & Appearance

Seventeam's packaging may be some of the most informative packaging I've ever seen. The front of the box merely has the product's logo and series name on it, with a few small features thrown in as well.

The rear lists the unit's features in several different languages.

Seventeam makes use of three of the small sides of the box as well. One side shows the available connectors and electrical loads, while the opposing side shows fan usage and power consumption compared against other powersupplies.

The front flap lists a few more features of the unit, as well as lists the available connection types.

Inside the box, the powersupply is protected by two pieces of foam fitted to it. The cables are wrapped neatly next to it, and a soft fabric Seventeam bag that holds the AC cable is also included.

The unit and cable sleeving are black, as are the individual cable connections. One thing I didn't necessarily like about the initial appearance of the unit was the fact the the cable sleeving only extended as far as the first connector on each cable. Afterwards, there was about six to seven inches of non-sleeved cabling.

The back of the power supply is once again a mesh, a trend I've seen in several recently released power supplies.

The underside of the unit is a massive 135mm fan, meant to effectively cool the powersupply and remain reasonably silent. This is the big advantage over one or two 80mm fans in a powersupply.

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