Seventeam ST-850P-AF 850W PSU

Posted on September 11, 2008
Author: Sean Potter
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I'll be utilizing OCCT to measure the voltages of the various connections. I'll also verify these results with lm_sensors in Linux. Ideally, I'd like to monitor the voltages in Linux, but there isn't yet an application for Linux that will stress test the system and graph the results.

The ST-850P-AF is 80PLUS certified, meaning that it is 80% or more efficient in the conversion of AC power to DC power. For the review, I'd like to look at the unit's performance in a workstation setting. With a workstation, I believe it's customary for the machine to draw large amounts of power regardless of how efficient a power supply may be. Of course, the other reason I could be neglecting this section is because of my trusty Kill-a-Watt fried during a storm and no longer measures amperage for me!

Let's look at how the ST-850P-AF performed over the course of an hour with the CPU being run close to 100%. First, the CPU's VCore:

Follow this with the 3v line:

Next, I have the 5v line:

Lastly, the 12v line.

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