Seventeam ST-850P-AF 850W PSU

Posted on September 11, 2008
Author: Sean Potter
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Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Using lm_sensors in Linux provided similar results. The base voltages remained the same, but I the CPU utilization in Linux while compiling KDE was slightly lower than that of OCCT's. Regardless, it seems that all goes well in the land of voltage readings in Linux.

Despite the ST-850P-AF only having two 12v rails, the unit does perform reasonably well. All voltages stayed reasonably within their respective limits during the stress test. To take things further, I engaged CrossFire between my three Radeon HD4850 cards and started a game of Unreal Tournament 3 with 30 bots and full graphics. While the CPU didn't quite hit the 90% mark, I know the videocards were pulling some extra power and running at full load. After playing for about 30 minutes, the system remained stable.

Some small improvements I'd like to see made include the addition of two more 12v rails for improved performance, as well as fully-sleeved cables.

Overall, Seventeam has a fantastic product in the ST-850P-AF. Plenty of power, relatively compact, and great performance. While many of Seventeam's products are hard to come by in the states, I can never hope enough that NewEgg continues to pick up worthwhile brands such as Seventeam in the future.


  • Strong Voltage Regulation
  • Long cables
  • Plenty of connections
  • Small size compared to some high-wattage units
  • 135mm fan runs reasonably silent


  • Non-sleeved cables are a little unattractive
  • Hard to find in North America yet!
  • Only two 12v rails
  • Not modular



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