Thermaltake M9 VI1000BNS Case

Posted on June 25, 2008
Author: Sean Potter
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Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Thermaltake's M9 chassis is a solid build. The chassis itself is sturdy, and the outside coverings attractive. With a total of nine 5.25" drive bays, the M9 has plenty of opportunity to expand, whether it be storage-related or other accessories.

The front bezel is constructed from plastic, and it would have been nice to see an aluminum bezel to bring a little more class to the case. Regardless of this, the case remains very appealing. Also missing are premium features such as a removable motherboard tray, security locks, and additional cooling features.

As the front panel is covered with mesh drive bash covers, one may think the front panel may become very dusty over a given period of time. Since Thermaltake signed the front panel so the LEDs, USB, and power buttons are connected to the case rather than front bezel, it's easy to take the bezel off and dust or wash it.

I had to remove the PCI card clips because my GeForce 8800GTX wouldn't fit. Since the card doesn't have a slit between it's dual-slot cooler, I had to take the clips out to install the card. Honestly, though, I believe screws are a much more secure option, especially when dealing with high-end components.

The M9 has its pros and cons, but many more pros than cons. There're a few things I'd like to see added to improve the overall quality of the case, but it's an excellent case from my perspective. Thermaltake really did a great job designing the case, and the aesthetics, cooling, and quiet operation are definitely there.


  • Clean, Attractive Design
  • Front USB and Audio
  • Nine 5.25" drive bays, with a 3.5" cage for three hard drives
  • Dual 120mm fans
  • Easy to remove front bezel, for both installation and cleaning purposes
  • Unique 5.25" mounting clips


  • Plastic front bezel
  • PCI Mounting Clips don't fit everything.



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