BIOSLEVEL was launched from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in early 2000s.  Originally conceptualized as a LAN Party organization, as was popular at the time, the founders' real-life obligations and shrinking free time eventually transformed BIOSLEVEL in to a news media site.  Several of the founders shared a passion for Linux and Open Source software in general, and this became the major focus for BIOSLEVEL, to differentiate it from other news and hardware review sites at the time. BIOSLEVEL delivered reviews focusing on hardware performance as well as how-to articles for a number of Linux distributions.

Unfortunately a server crash circa 2010 destroyed a large majority of the reviews and articles and BIOSLEVEL became defunct for a number of years.

Fast-forward to 2020, in the midst a global pandemic, the founders found themselves with a renewed desire to deliver Linux and Open Source focused reviews, articles, and news.  Linux' popularity has grown immensely in the past decade, and we're seeing more and more everyday gadgets running Linux — from Android cell phones, to smart watches, to smart displays, to Chrome laptops, and beyond.  Even Microsoft has somewhat begun to embrace Linux with the Linux Subsystem for Windows. 

We may never see the fabled "year of the Linux desktop", but we here at BIOSLEVEL are certain Linux and Open Source are here to stay.  And we want you to know about it.

A Linux commercial from the BIOSLEVEL founders, circa 2004